Custom CsvBulkLoader gets ignored

Silverstripe Version: 4.4.1

Question: Why gets my custom CsvBulkLoader ignored?

Hi there.

I’m trying to use a custom CsvBulkLoader and it gets ignored and I don’t know why. It did work before, but the client came up last week that it does not work anymore. The function is used very rarely.

That’s my code in digests (ESC ist the client’s name):

class EscAdmin extends ModelAdmin {
	private static $managed_models = [
		EscResult::class => ['title' => 'Results']
	private static $model_importers = [
		EscResult::class => EscResultsCsvBulkLoader::class
class EscResultsCsvBulkLoader extends EscCsvBulkLoader
	public $columnMap = [
		'Number' => 'Number',
		'PlaceStart' => 'PlaceStart',
		'PlaceFinish' => 'PlaceFinish'
class EscCsvBulkLoader extends CsvBulkLoader
	public $delimiter = ';';

I think this is pretty straight forward or did I miss a detail?

Thanks in advance.

Best, Mario