Customising the Asset Admin template

SilverStripe: 4.2

I am breaking this out from my other question as it seems different enough to warrant it’s own topic (apologies if others don’t agree).

I have added some custom logic to the admin that restricts certain users from uploading more than a certain amount (based on file size) of files.

This is working well, but I want to add an indicator to the asset admin that shows how much space is left for the current user. Unfortunately I cannot see a way of doing this (it appears the entire asset admin is rendered via React JS).

I also cannot find any docs related to customizing the asset admin.

Could anyone point me in the right direction for adding this (a simple Bootstrap alert would probably be enough)?

Hi @PsychoMo, did you see my suggestion on your other thread about using the updateFormFields extension hook for SilverStripe\AssetAdmin\Forms\AssetFormFactory? It will let you update the React-based file editing form with PHP, similar to what you are used to with getCMSFields. If you dig you may be able to find another form factory for a different part of the interface.

Yea I did see that @JonoM, unfortunately I want to overwrite the main asset admin (where all the files and folders are listed) not the file form itself.