DB Fields not visible through REST

So I have a Page that has extra fields, accessible from SS but not from the Silverstripe REST API, here are the fields and the return from REST API bellow.

private static $db = array(
    "Background" => "Varchar(255)",
    "Description" => DBHTMLText::class,
    "HeaderImage" => "Varchar(255",
    "LegalNotice" => DBHTMLText::class,
    "ReleaseDate" => "Varchar(255",
    "SupportEmail" => "Varchar(255)",
    "SupportURL" => "Varchar(255)",
    "Website" => "Varchar(255)",
private static $has_many = array(
    "Movies" => Movies::class,

private static $many_many = array(
    "NewsArticles" => NewsArticle::class,

“URLSegment”: “Life”,
“Title”: “Life”,
“MenuTitle”: “Life”,
“Content”: “”,
“MetaDescription”: null,
“Sort”: 1,
“Version”: 10,
“ParentID”: 6,
“ID”: 7,
“VirtualPages”: ,
“Movies”: ,
“Terms”: ,
“RelatedPages”: ,
“NewsArticles”: ,

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, why those DB fields wont show, but the has_many and many_many at least shows, any help would be appreciated