Debugging the CsvBulkUploader

**Silverstripe Version: 4.1 **

How do I debug the CsvBulkUploader?

I am building a custom csv uploader for the blog, but whenever I try to import data, it just says ‘Nothing to Import’. There are about 100 lines of data in the csv file.

I’m guessing that there’s an issue with the csv file, but I can’t get it display any error messages or debug info.

Can anybody see what I’m doing wrong here?
I’ve been pulling stuff out of the files to simplify them as much as possible, but all I get when I import the csv is ‘Nothing to import’

My custom CSV loader:

use SilverStripe\Dev\CsvBulkLoader;

class BlogCsvImporter extends CsvBulkLoader {
	public $columnMap = [


use SilverStripe\Admin\ModelAdmin;

class BlogAdmin extends ModelAdmin 
	private static $managed_models = [

	private static $model_importers = [
		'SilverStripe\Blog\Model\BlogPost' => 'BlogCsvImporter'

	private static $url_segment = 'blog-admin';

The CSV file:

"Seasonal designs","seasonal-designs","2013-02-05 16:30:34","","<p>Test content</p>",""
"Big carrots for big sales","big-carrots-big-sales","2013-02-14 16:08:19","","<p>Mass-market retail sales people are often underpaid, overworked and bored.</p>",""
"a new look fresh from the farm","new-look-fresh-farm","2013-03-07 15:32:33","","<p>Killinchy Gold was created by a Canterbury farmer is his small farmhouse kitchen. He wanted to make ice cream as creamily delicious and pure as his granny used to make. After many years perfecting the family recipe with the best local ingredients, an irresistible Kiwi favourite was born.</p>","<p>Test extra content</p>"