Desperate for Help | Cannot Edit Contact Form

Silverstripe Version: ?

Question: How do I stop loading error message whenever I click on my form.

Using the CMS, I cannot edit my contact form. It’s the only form on my site, and I just need to make a simple text change. However, when I click it a loading error message pops up and the form won’t open in the CMS. Link for the page is at Contact Us » Rent A Tea Party

Hi Artie.

Just had a glance at your site. It looks like you are running Silverstripe CMS 2.3.0. This is more than a decade old and is no longer supported. It will also contain many security vulnerabilities.

Without having access the your site to debug the issue, there’s not much anyone on this forum will be able to do to help you. You might be able to hire a PHP developer to help you debug your issue. But I think you would be better off using that money to migrate your site to a more modern platform.

You could ask a web agency to redevelop/upgrade your website to Silverstripe 4 which would be relatively expansive. Given the nature of your business, it doesn’t look like you need a very complex website. I would suggest you switch to a SasS offering instead which is very affordable. Those are common options:

Sorry, I know this is probably not the answer you were looking for.

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