Disabling split mode view or making edit mode default

Silverstripe Version: 4.3.1


For some of my projects and clients, split mode preview is not applicable - all work is done in edit mode. Is there a way I can disable split mode, or make edit mode the default, so that CMS users are not defaulted to this?

Currently this is happening for some CMS administrators and hindering their editing experience.

I’d like to know this too :).

This what I’m looking for as well. Is this a possible setting in the config?

Just to add a bit more info on this subject. We’ve had clients who want it to default to mobile as 90% of the user base is viewing that it way and they want to educate the authors to create content for that context. Some config to manage this would be good. This could be a separate setting from what this post is wanting but seems to fit along with it. Would be great if it was a CMS admin setting for both “Default view mode” and “Default device/preview size”.

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