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I have installed elemental, performed a dev/rebuild and I don’t see “blocks” as an option in the content editor screen.

Everytime I add the below code to the elemental.yaml file it removes the tinymce box all together and does not provide a blocks option

If I remove the config yaml tinymce comes back but no blocks menu.

What is the best way to debug this?

    - DNADesign\Elemental\Extensions\ElementalPageExtension

Have you added ElementalArea in the template?

Is there anything being reported in the browser console? Any JS errors? Have you checked the server error logs to see if anything is being thrown when the CMS loads?

yes, you need the $ElementalArea var in your template (e.g. Page.ss).

As far as I know, the presence of the $ElementalArea tag in the template won’t have any effect on the CMS working. The question was about the editor screen not working.

This sounds like an issue I had. This might help? elemental not working upon fresh vanilla install? · Issue #766 · dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental · GitHub