Erasing pages or blog pages

If I happen to post a page or blog, but, wish to later remove/delete it, I notice there does not seem anywhere I can click on a delete button in the blogs addon nor in the default document module in SS4.

Other than archiving the pages, I am wondering if I am missing something? or if some other function needs to be installed?

Could someone tell me how one goes about deleting such pages?

Many thanks for any help.


Hi Marc,

yes, “deleting” is the same like unpublishing or archiving pages. They will not be visible anymore, but are still in the DB and could be restored if needed.

There are modules (e.g. that add an expiry date to your articles if you want to disappear the article after a specific date.



Hi wmk,

Thanks for the reply.

Not having a delete option to delete a page seems a little strange, but, if need be, it could be removed via the database. I am prepping a site where I hope multiple contributors will post, which, I imagine, may lead to a number of stray pages that would eventually need removal.

We will learn to live with it and see if we will later need to revisit and perhaps add a delete button if need be.

Thanks again for the help!



You could look at what this module does if you really want to remove them from the database. Perhaps it could do what you need or could be modified to suit.

Thanks! I’ll take a look.