Event module

Silverstripe Version:
I am new to Silverstripe. I hope this is the right category to post my question.

My question is if there is an event calendar module for SS? The calendar must be able to show a list of courses(events), during the year. Courses must be categorized. Each course can be held on different dates (repeating events).

It must be able to register to a course through a form that is being submitted. Each course has a price, so a price calculation is also a feature that must be included.

Is there a module that has these features, or is this a custom task?

Hey @nevlund,

You can use purplespider/basic-calendar for Adding Event or Displaying Event. To display Events in Calendar you can use FullCalendar . And other custom feature you can add by your own as per your requirement.

Hope this helps to you, Thanks.