Extend CMS with ModelAdmin with hierarchical representation

<%- if @topic_view.topic.tags.present? %>
<%= t 'js.tagging.tags' %>: <%- @topic_view.topic.tags.each do |t| %> <%= t %> <%- end %>
<% end %>

Silverstripe Version: 4.7

Question: Howto to use a hierarchical representaition (like SiteTree) in my own cms-extension (via ModelAdmin)?

I built a cms-extension with ModelAdmin and created a new DataObject. This Category contains sub-categories (hierarchical) and I watn to create/delete/maintain these dateobjects in the same way like CMSMain does it with SiteTree.
Is there any way to switch from the grid used in ModelAdmin to a tree like SiteTree? Or should I extend LeftAndMain without using ModelAdmin?

Does anybody have an idea or a clear picture how to achieve this in the right way?

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