Files inside /_resources gives 404 error, worked before


Since a few day’s I have an issue with the symlinks in /_resources and files in /public. The all give a 404 error. When I remove /_resources in the url than it resolves in the requested file.

Have done new vendor-expose. Also checked the permissions and owners of the files and folders, all good.

Fixed the frontend issue to rewrite urls from $ThemeDir/… to absolute path. But for the backend all the files are linked to /_resource/

Does this sounds familiar to some one? And is there a fix or is it a bug?

Server, PHP or Apache/Nginx hasn’t been updated.

I’d say that if it was all working fine and now it’s not, then it’s unlikely to be a bug. If no code changes have been made, then I’d guess that something must have changed in the hosting configuration… just need to work out what.

Is the webroot pointing at /public?
Do your server logs provide any information? It might tell you why those files are returning a 404…