Fluent: how to retrieve another version of a localised object

Silverstripe Version: 4.5


I have a site that resulted from the migration of a SS 3.6 + Translatable to SS 4.5 + Fluent.

I have used the ConvertTranslatableTask as prescribed. In my PHP code, I used to retrieve the translations of a page in order to make those translations available on the webpage. This allowed the transition between the locales of the site.

However, I am now wondering how to do something similar with Fluent. The various versions of my pages are still there in the database, and I see them in the CMS, but there seems to be no means of linking say, the en_US version of a page to the fr_FR version, or to say that one is a translation of the other.

At this point, I realize that FluentState allows the restriction of database queries to a locale, but it does not allow the removal of that restriction, if I’m not mistaken. Therefore, I have the site in several locales, but no means of switching from one locale to the other: it’s like the different versions of the site are disconnected.

Does anybody know how I can retrieve all localized versions of a page?