Silverstripe Version:

I’m wanting to use Rackspace Cloudfiles to store assets. I’ve got this installed: GitHub - thephpleague/flysystem-rackspace: Flysystem Adapter for Rackspace

I’ve looked at this:

(Which I also couldn’t get working on S3)

And basically ended up in a complete tangle.

The documentation glosses over it:

and says that any class that implements AssetStore can be used for FileStorage but I’m not sure how I can do this.
I made my own class that extends FlySystemAssetStore and used the Injector to use it but that causes server errors. I also took the S3 code and changed only the pieces that looked like they related to S3 and changed them to use the CloudFiles FlySystem calls instead which also didn’t work.

Is there a straight forward approach for swapping out the FileStorage to another (that FlySystem already supports)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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