ForgotPasswordEmail - Could not receive the email while it still redirects to success page

Hi there,
I’m testing that function on my local because it seems not work on prod.
I already received that email a few times (I’m using mail hog on my local)
But later I could not receive that email anymore.
I really don’t know why it’s quite not stable like that ?
The trouble is I don’t see error log.
And after I submit the form, it redirects to the success page.
Can someone help me this case ?

No idea what your issue is (and I don’t even know what mailhog is) but I’m pretty sure if you have mailing issues you will never see anything in PHP/Silverstripe/webserver logs because the call to the mail command succeeded.

Instead you should inspect the mail logs, hoping the issue is not in the recipient side (in which case you wont see anything there too).

Thank @ntd :slight_smile:
It seems like the reason is: the success page make users confused, they still can input email to get forgotten password email but not work.

  • Url of forgotten password page: /Security/lostpassword
    → work normally
  • Url of forgotten password page success: /Security/lostpassword/passwordsent
    → not working
    I’m not sure if its default action of SS security package or not :smiley: