Form correctly displayed but with the wrong action URL

Silverstripe Version: 4.0

Question: The following code correctly displays the form in my browser:

However, no matter which of my testform() methods I use, the form source code displays:

<form id="Form_testform" action="/silver/TestController/testform/" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">

I am therefore redirected to “Page not found”.

Thank you for your help.

Is ‘getform’ in your list of allowed_actions?

Yes it is. You’ll find in the following link the entire controller with my $allowed_actions property as well as all the methods.

I have tested your code and there isn’t any issue with it; i could get the name dumped;

Have you performed a dev/build? That is the only thing I have done additionally

The form source is correct (e.g. in my case is /project/new-testing-page/testform/)

The request handler will route your form post to the correct FormAction you have defined (getform) even though the action url doesn’t look like that; this is how it is designed in SS