Getting DataObject Error

<%- if @topic_view.topic.tags.present? %>
<%= t 'js.tagging.tags' %>: <%- @topic_view.topic.tags.each do |t| %> <%= t %> <%- end %>
<% end %>

Hi There

Need assistance with this error (see attached image).

Am creating Tabs option along with the main content on my page template, however, it’s giving me:

# Declaration of Tabs::canCreate($member = NULL) should be compatible with SilverStripe\ORM\DataObject::canCreate($member = NULL, $context = Array)


Hard to be sure without seeing your actual code, but the error suggests that you’ve created a canCreate() method which has a different configuration to one which it’s overwriting. Is this your own code, or a module? Does the Tabs::canCreate() method have two arguments as shown in the error?