Getting started with AJAX forms

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I’m looking to build a contact form which submits the content through ajax. I’ve not done this before using SilverStripe.

I’ve had a look at the tutorial on general ajax loading, but not sure how to tie this in with form submission.

Is anyone aware of a tutorial on this, or can offer general advice on where to start, please?

Thanks in advance!

Hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction. This is what I generally recycle for my contact forms. I add this to PageController.php so I can add a contact form on any page.

public function ContactForm() { 
    $fields = new FieldList( 
    $actions = new FieldList( 
        FormAction::create('doSubmission', 'Submit')
$validator = new RequiredFields('FirstName', 'LastName', 'Email', 'Message');
$form = new Form($this, 'ContactForm', $fields, $actions, $validator); 

// Load the form with previously sent data
$request = Controller::curr()->getRequest();
$session = $request->getSession();
if(is_array($session->get('ContactFormData'))) {
//	$form->sessionMessage('There was a problem submitting the form. Please review the errors below and try again.','error');
	$previous_data = $session->get("ContactFormData");
return $form;

public function doSubmission($data, $form) {
		$siteconfig = SiteConfig::current_site_config();
        $email = new Email(); 

        $email->setTo($siteconfig->AdministratorEmail);  //replace this with To Email
        if($data['Email']) {
        $email->setSubject("New Enquiry from Website : Contact Message from " . $data["FirstName"] . " " . $data["LastName"] ); 
        $messageBody = " 
            <p><strong>Name:</strong> {$data['FirstName']} {$data['LastName']}</p> 
            <p><strong>Email:</strong> {$data['Email']}</p> 
            <p><strong>Phone:</strong> {$data['Phone']}</p> 
            <p><strong>Message:</strong> {$data['Message']}</p> 
            <p><strong>IP Address:</strong> ". $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . "</p> 
            <p><strong>Page URL:</strong> ". $this->AbsoluteLink() . "</p> 




var frm = $('form.js-ajax-form');

frm.submit(function (e) {	
    var $form = $(this);
    var formData = $form.serialize();
    var formAction = $form.prop('action');
    var formMethod = $form.prop('method');
    var encType = $form.prop('enctype');

		beforeSend: function(jqXHR,settings) {
            if ($form.prop('isSending')) {
                return false;
        complete: function(jqXHR,textStatus) {
        contentType: encType,
        data: formData,
        error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
            console.log('An error occurred.');
            window.location = window.location;
		success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
            var $holder = $form.parent();
            $holder.fadeOut('normal',function() {
        type: formMethod,
        url: formAction


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Thanks @Jellygnite - That’s really helpful!

I’ve adapted this to make it suitable for the site I’m working on, and it works a treat.

Have a great weekend!

This won’t work for forms with multiple submit options as it doesn’t include the action in the post body. If anyone needs multiple submit options, replace

var formData = $form.serialize();


var formData = $form.serializeArray();
formData.push({name:, value: e.originalEvent.submitter.value});
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