Google cannot render website properly

Silverstripe Version 3.6

my website cannot be properly rendered by Google. Can anyone tell me the problem?

Thank you very much

// Include any relevant code. If you have a lot of code, link to a gist instead.

I’m afraid it’s pretty much impossible to make any suggestions without more information.
The site appears to be rendering correctly in a browser… in what way is Google unable to render the page? Does it show any errors? Could it be that you have any rules in robots.txt, .htaccess, the hosting configuration which are preventing Google from accessing parts of the site?

Well I checked Google Search Console and it shows such info , only one image is temporary unavailable but that is not so important. No errors found. Robots.txt also does not block anything. guess that it can be related with blocks.

Maybe anyone has any idea why that might have happened?

The URL in your screenshot is for Saulės kolektoriai ar moduliai | Saulės grąža and if I visit that URL it looks very similar to the screenshot you sent. What exactly is the problem with the render? I think this is most likely a problem with your CSS rather than anything to do with SilverStripe.

Hey, might be that Google uses chromium 41 version (2015) for rendering ant it can not properly understand vd meaning of css (when it is used in

). Will test and check.