GraphQL call in image gallery (CMS panel) blocks website (start-page loading)


I’m having an issue while using gallery in SilverStripe 4 CMS panel. When I try to add an image to content trough WYSIWYG editor. Call to fetch content of one on assets folder takes 111 seconds.

I think that it takes so long because this folder is 500 MB large and contains 696 files (and more in subfolders). That’s how it was organized by editors who are using CMS (not me).

The biggest issue is that this call blocks the entire page from rendering. Each call to the client panel waits till this particular 111 seconds call ends. It 2 editors open it after each other, then website is blocked for 222 seconds. Any ideas?

Solved by upgrading to SS CMS 4.12.0 and new asset-admin 1.12.0.