Having a form popup in admin area

Silvertripe 4.5

I want to customise the admin area so that I can add a new popup.

Please see the screenshot. Instead of the client drop down (which requires me to have the client already in the database) I would like to have the ability to add the client here, perhaps in a pop up form.

Is there anyway I can add a form in a pop up? I did search but could not find anything related.


It might be worth a look at one of the following add-ons, which might provide what you need:

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Thank you very much for your reply.

This is what I want. But it does not redirect me back when I add the save the “has one” data object. Just trying to figure that out.

Unfortunately I could not get the above extensions working. I ended up adding new fields


and doing this in my DataObject

function onBeforeWrite()
            $client = Client::create();
            $client->ClientReference = $this->NewClientReference;
            $client->FirstName = $this->NewClientFirstName;
            $client->LastName = $this->NewClientLastName;
            $id = $client->write();
            $this->ClientID = $id;

Hope this helps someone.