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Oh dear, I’ve messed up BIG TIME…
I have never tabbed before whilst editing our work’s page on Silverstripe - but I did so this morning.
The page I did it on has now changed format, lost the formatting menu bar, the title of the page (on the side bar) has got a line through it, and I can’t change anything on it now!!!
PLEASE can someone advise…
Many thanks


When you say ‘tabbed’, could you explain a bit more what you did?

The changes you’re describing, are these in the CMS system or has the page changed on the actual website as well?

If you’re able to take a screen-shot, that might help with some ideas.

Hi, what I meant was instead of moving something across the page with the space bar, I tried control tab (to be quicker!!). I used control tab as that’s what I used in Word tables.

Many thanks

I only work Mondays and Fridays between 10-2 - so will only see replies within those working hours.