Help on logging in to 2.n site

Silverstripe Version: 2.x

No login option:

I look after a really old site running 2.n of Silverstripe (I know, the shame!) from 2008. The other day it broke completely as the hosting ISP had forced the latest supported version of PHP out. I was able to get it rolled back for my sub-site so the pages are displaying now but the Admin login is still broken - the tabs for login show but there’s no user/password box now - see code below.

Any pointers on where I should start to get this back working? My skillset level is minimal: 2008 got the site up & running with theme and pages, but since then only maintained the CMS rather than code.

Thanks in advance.


<div class="tab" id="MemberLoginForm_LoginForm_tab">
<form >
	<p id="_error" class="message " style="display: none"></p>
		<div class="clear"><!-- --></div>

I’d start with the error logs on the server. Something has obviously changed which is preventing the site from working, so hopefully whatever that is will be generating some errors or warnings.

Once you get back in, seriously consider trying to get the site updated to a newer version… all that old code and old PHP requirements could be leaving the site vulnerable to exploits.

I was able to get the ISP support team to roll PHP back to 5.2.7 (was 5.3) and everything started to work again.
Yes, I agree - the site desperately needs to be migrated to latest Silverstripe!
… anyone available to do some volunteer work for a charitable Trust (cycle trail group)? :laughing::slightly_smiling_face::thinking: