HELP! Validation error code

Silverstripe Version:

Question: Why when I am trying to add photos and download file links does it keep saying validation error and it won’t let me upload any new content to one of my pages?

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Has anybody experienced this? It only seems to happen on of on my website pages. I have tried different files, reducing the size of the files but nothings seems to work.

Thank you!

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It could be caused by a few things. Can you provide some more info… things like: SilverStripe version, where you’re trying to add the files, is it a custom page, a dataobject, what’s the hosting environment, etc.

Thank you for your reply! The version is 3.1.9, I’m trying to add files to a landing page but it just keeps saying validation error. It won’t let me add to the page or to gallery which is on the page.