Ho w to add textfield in has_many

I want add text filed as repeater like, if we add has_many for image .
We can add multiple, like that i need to add for input field.

please advice.

To append multiple text fields, you will have to add a DataObject with a Text-field and connect it using has_many on your class and has_one on the new dataobject. Then add a GridField to edit the connected Dataobjects.

If you want to get a more Asset-like editing experience, you can use the GridFieldEditableColumns component from the symbiote/silverstripe-gridfieldextensions

If you mean you would like the fields to be dynamically added to the CMS without having to specify how many you want as a hard-coded value in the code, you may be interested in symbiote/silverstripe-multivaluefield

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Definitely the more convenient solution. :+1:

To create a text field, you need to instantiate the TextField class, to the constructor of this class you can also pass a string value which will be the initial text of the text field.