How can i upload my website from local to the web server?


*How can i upload my website from local to the web server?

Hi. I just finished my website in Silverstripe on local server with wamp. Now I am trying to upload it on my hosting (Ionos - 1&1 IT) but i can’t do it. I’ve downloaded the database from localhost/phpmyadmin.
Went on 1&1, created a new subdomain and connected it to the folder i’ve created on the hosting, Then i’ve created a new database and uploaded the my site’s one, that i’ve previously downloaded from localhost. Went on .env and edited with the web hosting details, as username, database name…
When i try to access the site i get a 500 Internal Server Error. It’s like 2 hours I am trying and i can’t understand why i get that error.
I’ve even tried to install a clean version of silverstripe on the hosting, but after i install composer, when I put the command to install siverstripe I get another error.
I don’t understand. With wordpress this works immediately.
Can someone help me and explain me step by step how to upload the local website to a remote server? thank you

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Have you checked the error logs for the site? If it’s throwing a 500 error, then there should be something in there.

How did you upload the files to your hosting?

Are you using the right PHP version? (ie. the same PHP version as your local machine)

Have you got your site in dev mode? (SS_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE=dev in your .env file) If not, try that as well, it might provide some useful error messages.

Well, i uploaded the files via FTP.
I have the .env in Dev mode yes.
On my pc i am using the last version and i have it on the hosting too.
I want to put the site on a subdomain and i’ve connected it already to the right folder. Didn’t checked the error logs yet.
I will try to install it on AWS cloud tomorrow and see if it’s working. If so, this means is my hosting that sucks. Thanks anyway

Hi, seems that I had my hosting that wasn’t working goood.
Anyway i’ve tried all day to solve this problem. Tried to open a instance on AWS but I had another problem. I couldn’t edit or create pages, and I couldn’t see my homepage.
Then i solved everything except the homepage again.
I’ve created a page type for every page (about us, contact us…) and put the template (header and footer) on the file. Inside it i put a $Layout variable so it takes the content from every created page. This works great with all pages, except the homepage. Do you know how could i solve this?
As homepage i get the title Home and content if inside, but not the layout of the i’ve created.
Everything works on local host, so this seems to be a little strange.

Solved. I couldn’t upload the full site directly from local, so I installed a clean version of ss on the hosting, uploaded my /public folder and then I added new pagetypes. Now seems it works.

Did you run composer vendor-expose on your local site before uploading it with FTP? If not you might be missing files in certain places if the symlink are not working.

No i didn’t. Just downloaded the local database and uploaded it on the remote one and moved the files via ftp. Which is the best way to do it?

Which server are you using? Following are the instructions to get it done easily:

Launch and Setting up EC2 Instance on AWS
Convert PEM file to PPK and Access your Server Via PuTTY
Deploy the LAMP Stack

Furthermore, I went through this guide to install it from local server to AWS cloud: How to Host WordPress on Amazon AWS Hosting

Hello @john1309 ,
You can upload your website to the webserver by first Pick a Reliable Web Hosting Company and Choose Your Website Upload Method. File Manager. File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Now you can easily upload Your Website File. Using File Manager. Using FileZilla and move the Website Files to the Main Root Directory and Import Your Database.