How do I register a new layout file?

I’ve created the SS file (based on an existing layout file) and uploaded it to the Layouts folder.

How do I register the new layout? I couldnt find any straightforward guides

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “register” the file. Are you adding a new file for a new page class, or overriding a template for another module? (or something else)

If you can provide a bit more info, that would be cool. In general, though, if you’re adding new templates, a simple ?flush on the URL will allow Silverstripe to discover them

thanks - sorry if register isnt the correct terminology. just trying to create a new page type that i can use on the website

looks like it has to registered with the global template helper, have its own php file and be initiated.

actually just gave up and instead I’ve used some janky js in the ss file to show different sections … it’ll work until i can replace the cms