How to create custom html form and redirectBack with success message?

I am new in silverstripe .i am using silverstripe 4.x

i am trying to create custom html form .can some one help me to create custom form with redirectBack success message.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ajay,

Firstly, I’d strongly suggest going through the full lesson set from start to finish, it helps a lot and doesn’t take long. There’s a section in there on forms also.

But, although I haven’t used the module myself, I am aware that “User Forms” is very powerful. You won’t even need to write any code, and if you want to get fancy you can start extending it’s classes.

Good luck :v:,

Thanks @James
but my problem is creating html form with redirect message .

i create html form and also create a function for form and form submit but problem in getting message with redirect back .when i use in built silverstripe form ,i can get redirect message .

can you please help me in custom html form with redirect message ???