How to delete archived page in 4.4


Silverstripe Version: 4.4

Updated to 4.4 today and I see the new (to me) archived area on the left for archived pages but I see no way to delete items from here.

I fumbled and hit save on a page. It has no content and no use - how can I delete it.

I see this from 2016 - 2018

And some info on Archive here: Archiving and restoring content – SilverStripe Documentation

But nothing on how to really delete something.


I don’t believe it has ever been possible to fully delete a page in SilverStripe. (Other than manually deleting the database records) But I agree, it is something that I too would like to be possible, especially now that archived pages are even more prominent in the newer version.


Thanks for the reply. Seems bizarre behaviour to not allow atomic deletion.

So archives just grow and grow perpetually over time?!



i would like to delete my archived site. I tried to restore it, and do it on my own but nothing happens. But it don’t matter because i don’t need it anymore. What can i do now?

best regards E.