How to properly move site to production server

SilverStripe 4.4:

How to properly move site to production server:

I believe that is trivial but i always get problem with that.
I make my app on local server (wamp) and I need to move it to shared hosting. What changes i should do?

  1. Copy files
  2. Backup DB on local and import on shared hosting
  3. Make proper changes in .env file
  4. In public/.htaccess I’m changing RewriteBase - should I?
    Is some others steps that i should do?

For now i’m gettin error 500 and nothing in log file

Hi Suriq, I also use Wamp and shared hosting most of the time.
I usually stick to your steps #1, #2 and #3.
But before that, I run composer vendor-expose copy - see
Otherwise simply uploading files never works for me.
I don’t know if it’s your current issue. I hope it will help.

If your shared hosting gives SSH access (many do these days) deploying on the live server becomes a lot easier.