How to publish an Image (has_many) added by an extension

Silverstripe Version:

Hi ,
I’m writing a slider-modul. The modul is written as an extension that extends the page-type that needs the slider modul.
When I upload Images they get they get versioned as draft.
I put the owns-static to my extension, but that does not work,… Somehow I need to referenc to the owner->owns variabel I guess… how can I do that?

	class SliderExtension extends DataExtension{
		private static $db=[
		 private static $has_many = [
		public function updateCMSFields(FieldList $fields) {
		private static $owns=[

Sorry it s working with the ode above. Only thing is,… that the draft lable does not disapear immediatly. I had to refresh the page…