How to remove multiple H1 tags from blog posts - Solved now

Silverstripe Version:
Framework: 3.1.12 CMS 3.1.12

Hi all,

Please forgive me as I have not ever even heard of SilverStripe before today. I have inherited some work on a website using SilverStripe, and I need to know how to remove the multiple H1 tags that are being generated each time a new post is added to the news blog page. Is there a way for me to go into the template and make the headings for each new post an H2 instead of an H1?

Many thanks!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It’s hard to be too specific without knowing how the site was built, but the general answer is yes, you should be able to sort that out in the templates fairly easily.

Start by looking in the themes/<somethemename>/templates directory. You’re probably looking for a file called ‘’ (often somewhere like Layouts)

As an aside, it’s perfectly legitimate for a page to have multiple H1 tags (despite what some ill-informed SEOs would have you believe) provided they exist within sensible, structured blocks.

A nice summary of the above (along with citation from Google) is here: How Google Considers Multiple H1 Tags in One Page

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Thank you for your reply, I have just this minute solved the problem and had just signed in to mark as solved!

Many thanks again!

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