Silverstripe Version: 4

Question: Is it possible to link the Newsletter module to be able to send to groups in SS?

Without having to export then import the group members into a mailing list, is it possible to send directly to the group?

Are there any alternative modules for sending messages to users within SS admin?

Thank you in advance!

As far as I am aware, the Newsletter module is no longer supported. The best solution depends on what exactly you want to achieve, some possible options though:

If you are happy to try an untaged (“unstable”) release, then there is a SS4.0 update branch (GitHub - silverstripe-archive/silverstripe-newsletter at features/4.0-update) but this may be a work in progress.

Alternatively, if you just want to send fairly simple messages to a SilverStripe Group you can achieve this fairly easily with some custom code (or just extracting the code you think you need from the Newsletter module). and then using a service like Mailgun or Postmark to deliver the messages.

Finally, you could use a module like to push your members into MailChimp and then send emails to them using MailChimp instead.

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Thank you this is a great direction!