I can not edit the content in the admin panel

Silverstripe Version:3.1

How do I restore the content editing option? Now, I can not edit the content in the admin panel.
I do not know what happened. One person says it’s the server’s fault, the other one that the problem is in the page.


Maybe it will help:

It looks like the CMS is making an ajax request and expecting a json response, but getting something else - likely a server-side error message. Look in the Network tab of your browser dev tools for requests that errored out (shown in red) then select them and click on ‘Preview’ or ‘Response’ where you should be able to read the error message. Let us know what the error says and we may be able to help more.

I checked it, but I don’t think I can find the right information there.
From Preview:
Leftandmain.js 13 line:

lib.js - eventHandle - 174 line:

lib.js - dispatch - 207 line:

I don’t know if that’s what you wanted.

No those look like files that loaded successfully (200 status code). One of them might be the source script that fired off the ajax request but that won’t tell you about what’s coming back.

If you go to the Network tab and refresh the page you should see a bunch of records show up, mostly with 200 as the status code. But you may see one or two which have a different status code such as 500 which would be highlighted in red. If you click those records and then click Preview or Response, you might find a server-side error message there.

If you have php error logging set up you can of course check your log for server side errors too.

All records have status 200. I checked the php error log and there were two lines with errors. There are more errors but they are from before 2019 and the editor has disappeared recently. :confused: