I have file Header.ss and like to add php code on to it?

Silverstripe 3.2:

I have file Header.ss and like to add PHP code on to it?

How I can do that??

The .ss suffix means that this is a template file, so PHP code can’t be added to it. If you want to add something into the template generated by PHP you’d need to add something like the following:

In your template:

<div class="somediv">
  The time is $MyInterestingThing

Then in the controller for your site (assuming this is a global header, you’d probably put this in the main Page_Controller.php class):

public function getMyInterestingThing() {
  return date("H:i");

SilverStripe automatically makes the connection between the $MyInterestingThing in the template and the public method getMyInterestingThing() in the controller.