Image thumbnails in CMS

Silverstripe Version: 5.2

Question: Thumbnails are missing path separator in CMS

Hi there,

I am in the process of upgrading our site from V4 to V5.2. During testing we noticed that images uploaded within the subfolders are missing thumbnails. Looking at the src of the img tag we identified that the path separator is missing.

example I have a folder structure like so
TopFolder > Level1 > Level 2 > Level3

Images uploaded either in Level 2 or Level 3 are missing thumbnails as the image path is showing TopfolderLevel1Level2Level3 instead of TopFolder/Level1/Level2/Level3

Wondering if anyone else has experienced the issue?

Where should I be looking as a start to fix this? Is this a config thing that I am missing?

The image conversions are happening and thumbnails are getting created okay and they are in the right folder. Just the path is missing the separator.

Any help would be appreciated


I think this is a bug in admin-assets module. I have tried with a clean Silverstripe 5.2 install and I am able to replicate the issue there also. Steps I followed are

  1. Create 4 level deep folder structure in Files section
  2. In the deepest level upload an image
  3. Publish

After publish we are able to see the thumbnail.

In that case please create an issue in GitHub about this.

Please include information about what browser you’re using in the issue, as I wasn’t able to reproduce this locally.

Thanks Guy, I have raised an issue as suggested.

Thumbnails in CMS File system not showing up in Subfolders · Issue #1459 · silverstripe/silverstripe-asset-admin (