Import members by CSV

SS 3.2

I’ve got a batch of members to import to SS via the import members function. I’ve got SS forum installed and there is already a group existing called ‘Forum Member’ which they need to be assigned to.

I’ve created a CSV with all the members and created a new column called ‘Groups’ as per import helper and named each users column to be assigned to ‘Forum Member’

It imports fine but instead of assigning it to the existing group it creates a new group per user so I end up with about 20 odd ‘Forum Member’ groups.

I did try and assign it by group code which is ‘4’ but again doesn’t assign it, just creates a new group called ‘4’

Have attached what my CSV looks like, have just blacked out user info.

Anyone know where i’m going wrong?


Hi Anishpixel,

SilverStripe 3.2 is no longer supported so it may have bugs that are never fixed. I would recommend upgrading your SilverStripe version to a supported version (e.g. 3.6) to ensure you can use the latest functionality.

SilverStripe Support Roadmap: