"Import" tab doesn't show up


No import options given after install of documentconverter

Hey There! I’m new to Silverstripe and this forum. I installed Silverstripe version 4 and the documentconverter plugin via composer. The documentation mentions, that i will have to add 3 environment variables (see below) and do “further set-up” to get it running, when i want to install under silverstripe and not CWP. So, can anyone tell me, what i would have to do exactly?

        "php": ">=7.1.0",
        "silverstripe/recipe-plugin": "^1.2",
        "silverstripe/recipe-cms": "4.5.2@stable",
        "silverstripe-themes/simple": "~3.2.0",
        "silverstripe/documentconverter": "^2.0",
        "silverstripe/asset-admin": "^1.5"


DOCVERT_URL = "http://localhost:8081/testp/"

So, what do i fill in for the three variables? What else do i have to do?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, i solved it myself. After another install and /dev/build it showed up.