In what situations would Campaigns not be desirable?

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Just learning SS, using a 4.x install.
I noticed this issue on github:

Just wondering why someone wouldn’t want to use Campaigns?


It’s entirely down to the way the site is used. On all the SS4 sites I’ve built, I don’t think any of them are being actively used with campaigns.

You can turn the question around too. In what situations would campaigns be desirable? If your use-case doesn’t fit the answer to that question, then you have the answer to your first one :slight_smile:



I’m rather green when it comes to any CMS, so have little experience of the nuances of CMS policies/practices in general.


Tend to agree. never used and honestly can’t think of a use case for it. Site within a site or a “branch” of pages maybe? IDK…


Maybe something like a new product launch, where you want to be able to add / update a whole bunch of pages in one go, or a seasonal promotion of some kind. Anything where you have multiple updates across your site could lend itself to using the functionality.