Incorrect version number in Silver Stripe 4.11.2

I have downloaded the Silver Stripe Package 4.11.2 through composer and found that composer.lock file contains 4.11.0 version which is wrong.

Is this a known bug ?

Can you confirm what commands you used to download 4.11.2 via composer? (or what version constraints you’ve got listed in your composer.json file)

The latest release is 4.11.0, so that is what I’d be expecting to see. I don’t believe there’s a 4.11.2 tag at all, so it’s a bit puzzling.

What exactly do you mean by “the Silver Stripe Package” and which module(s) are you seeing being on 4.11.0?

The recipes and installer are on 4.11.0, but some modules, such as silverstripe/framework, have had some patch releases.


I have seen Silver stripe recipe 4.11.2 at it’s website.

And I have downloaded using following command.
php composer.phar create-project silverstripe/installer {{path to stripe}} 4.11.2

I’d say that the number on that page is where the error is, rather than there being any bug in the code.
If you look at the releases (Releases · silverstripe/recipe-cms · GitHub) the latest is 4.11.0

The ‘release notes’ link on the page you show also doesn’t go anywhere, so I suspect it’s just a case that something has got out of sync on the downloads page.

Ahh, yes. Looks like installer does have 4.11.2 (see github releases).
You shouldn’t have to specify that version to composer - simply php composer.phar create-project silverstripe/installer {{path to stripe}} should be fine.

If that’s still not working for you, can you please include your composer.lock file here and explain exactly what dependencies in that file aren’t matching the versions you expect?

Please check the screenshot attached. here the version shows is 4.11.0