Insert class for hyperlink in Tinymce

Silverstripe Version: 4.2


In SS4 CMS HtmlEditorField, when adding a link, it only has one tick box for ‘open in new window’, is it possible to have a new field to allow input of class or attribute like class=‘fancybox’ ?

I checked the TinyMce documentation, TinyMCE | Link Plugin

  selector: "textarea",  // change this value according to your HTML
  plugins: "link",
  menubar: "insert",
  toolbar: "link",
  link_class_list: [
    {title: 'None', value: ''},
    {title: 'Dog', value: 'dog'},
    {title: 'Cat', value: 'cat'}

It seems to be the right choice.
how to make the above happen?

@sparkcom did you figure this out in the end? I’d like to add a class input to links as well.

I see in /Forms/HTMLEditor/TinyMCEConfig there is sslink for the button.

Also when I check HTMLEditorConfig::get_active_identifier() I get default as the value not cms like the docs seem to point to.