Install failing on StartHost

Silverstripe Version:
SilverStripeCMS 3.4.1

I am using StartHost and they have a install script for installing SilverStripe and when I run the script I get the following error

572 		$newTable = false;
574 		// backwards compatibility patch for pre 2.4 requireField() calls
575 		$spec_orig = $spec;
577 		if (!is_string($spec)) {
578 			$spec['parts']['name'] = $field;
579 			$spec_orig['parts']['name'] = $field;
580 			//Convert the $spec array into a database-specific string
581 			$spec = $this->$spec['type']($spec['parts'], true);
582 		}
584 		// Collations didn't come in until MySQL 4.1.  Anything earlier will throw a syntax error if you try and use
585 		// collations.
586 		// TODO: move this to the MySQLDatabase file, or drop it altogether?
587 		if (!$this->database->supportsCollations()) {

I know this possibly isn’t what you want to hear, but if you’re looking at building a site, then walk away from that installer! The whole 3.x release line of Silverstripe is End of life, and 3.4 is very old. Starting out with that version is pretty much guaranteed to leave you with something of a maintenance nightmare.

The best advice I can offer is set up the hosting on PHP8, download and configure the latest Silverstripe 4.x version and go from there.

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