Install on server hangs, no error message.


I have uploaded all of the Silverstripe files to the live site and reached the install page. All of the conditions are correct, but when I go to install, the process hangs and I receive no error message, just this:

  • Setting up ‘mysite/_config.php’…
  • Setting up /is/htdocs/wp12938986_JC02R5CCXX/www/
  • Setting up ‘mysite/_config/config.yml’
  • Setting up /is/htdocs/wp12938986_JC02R5CCXX/www/
  • Setting up ‘.htaccess’ file…
  • Setting up /is/htdocs/wp12938986_JC02R5CCXX/www/
  • Building database schema…

I am not a professional web developer, but as far as I can tell, everything is in order on the server side. I know that this was an issue for people several years ago, but none of the solutions offered back then seem to work for me.

When you say it ‘hangs’, can you expand on that a little?
Have you checked the server error logs to see if there’s anything being reported there?