Installation error

Hi there, getting this error when trying to install SilverStripe via CWP

Hi, the pastebin you have linked doesn’t contain anything.

Also, is there a reason you are installing from CWP?

AFAIK, it is used somewhat “exclusively” for NZ gov sites, as it has modules/support specific to that.

For general purpose you should be doing composer install from

Haha, I’m an idiot and forgot to click the save button before copying the URL. Have edited the OP with the correct URL.

My boss wants to be able to offer websites to government agencies, so we’re looking into how it all works. Never actually used SilverStripe before, should I really just install the base version and look at CWP later once I’ve got more of a grasp on how it works?

Apache wasn’t running PHP 7.1, so I changed that and it works fine now.

Glad u got it working; afaik we always install the base version; the cwp i cant advise u; perhaps a core dev team member reading this advise better