Installing on OSX with MAMP

This guide has been moved from to a community maintained resource. Feel free to correct and update. See MAMP discussion on Github

Mac OSX with MAMP

This topic covers setting up your Mac as a web server and installing SilverStripe.

OSX comes bundled with PHP and Apache, but you’re stuck with the versions it ships with.
It is also a bit harder to install additional PHP modules required by SilverStripe.
MAMP is a simple way to get a complete webserver
environment going on your OSX machine, without removing or altering any system-level configuration.

Check out the MAC OSX with Homebrew
for an alternative, more configurable installation process.


Please check the system requirements for MAMP,
you’ll need a fairly new version of OSX to run it.

MAMP Installation

  • Download MAMP
  • Install and start MAMP
  • Check out your new web server environment on http://localhost:8888

SilverStripe Installation

Composer is a dependancy manager for PHP, and the preferred way to
install SilverStripe. It ensures that you get the correct set of files for your project.
Composer uses your MAMP PHP executable to run and also requires git
to automatically download the required files from GitHub and other repositories.

In order to install Composer, we need to let the system know where to find the PHP executable.
Open or create the ~/.bash_profile file in your home folder, then add the following line:
export PATH=/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.0.20/bin:$PATH
You’ll need to adjust the PHP version number (php7.0.20). The currently running PHP version is shown on http://localhost:8888/MAMP/index.php?page=phpinfo.
Run source ~/.bash_profile for the changes to take effect. You can verify that the correct executable
is used by running which php. It should show the path to MAMP from above.

Now you’re ready to install Composer: Run curl -sS | php.
We recommend that you make the composer executable available globally,
which requires moving the file to a different folder. Run mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer.
More detailed installation instructions are available on
You can verify the installation by typing the composer command, which should show you a command overview.

Finally, we’re ready to install SilverStripe through composer:
composer create-project silverstripe/installer /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/silverstripe/.
After finishing, the installation wizard should be available at http://localhost:8888/silverstripe.
The MAMP default database credentials are user root and password root.

We have a separate in-depth tutorial for Composer Installation and Usage.