Installing on shared hosting

I think I have the same problem with my shared host with version SS4.6.1.

I uploaded a website build in SS4.6.1 to one host in a sub-folder accessed with a sub-domain. I use this as a kind of test server. Everything worked as expected.

Now, I want to upload it to my client’s web-server and wanted to test it. I uploaded it in a sub-folder as well and try to access it with a sub-domain (as I did on the test-server), but this time it doesn’t work as expected:
/home/domainfolder/mysubfolder/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/Core/Manifest/ClassManifest.php(517): SilverStripe\Core\Manifest\ClassManifest->handleFile(‘autoload.php’, ‘/home/domainfolder/…’, false)

How / where can I tell Silverstripe to point to the sub-folder?
The sub-domain obviously points to that sub-folder and in my .env file I use this sub-domain as the base url (SS_BASE_URL), but there must be something else to be configured.

Anyone any idea?

Thanks a lot

I turned out to be all a configuration problem on their server.
They didn’t have all the required extensions installed.