Installing Silverstripe 4 offline

**Silverstripe Version: 4.3 **
**Silverstripe Installer Version: 3.6.1 **



My webserver sits behind a Zscaler firewall (it’s still a development server). This means composer is having problems downloading the installer. I’ve tried downloading the installer from Github and opening it as a webpage (as in v3) but that doesn’t work anymore.

Is there a way of installing Silverstripe when the server is effectively offline?


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Probably the simplest way is just to run the composer commands on your local machine and then copy the files over by whatever means you have. You don’t have to run composer on your server - all that’s doing is building a set of files to meet a certain set of requirements.

Thanks, that’s very helpful! Just out of curiosity (before I try it out), would a composer installation generated on Ubuntu 20.04 (local machine) still work on Ubuntu 18.04 (webserver), both running PHP7?

Generally speaking, if you’re running the same PHP versions on both, then it should be fine, yes.

One thing to consider, depending on how you actually do the deployment. On a Linux install, the composer vendor-expose command will usually default to creating symlinks. If you need to transfer the files to another machine, it’s probably safer to run that command with the copy option (composer vendor-expose copy). That will ensure that any assets which are exposed in the public directory are real files rather than symlinks (which may not survive the deployment process)