Installing Silverstripe on Synology NAS

Has anyone succeeded to install Silverstripe on a Synology NAS under DSM 7.1.1 ?
Through terminal access I’ve been able to get some kind of result indicating that SS accesses the database and puts the data in a proper format (with Nginx and PHP 7.4) (see pictures below)

But the main problem is at the level of URLs. I was not able to redirect the Webroot to “/public”. Hence SS directs all URL’s to Webroot which results in “The page you are looking for cannot be found.”

NGINX must be setup properly: it does not work out of the box. Check out my tips on modular NGINX configuration. For your specific issue, you must adjust the root directive.

If for some reason you do not have access to NGINX configuration, this is going to become really ugly. Your best bet is to disable the public folder entirely (remove public and do a composer update), but I think you are going to face other problems. I strongly suggest to gain access to the configuration files in some way.

Thanks for your reaction. I guess I’d better try to use Apache 2.4 then’. By the way I made some progress through the creation of a virtual host with public as a root.
And activating https !