Installing Silvertripe

Hi Guys,

I have read few article about installing Silverstripe on VPS. But I have shared hosting account on Asphostportal and this is windows provider. Anyone have documentation about how to install Silverstripe on shared hosting environment? or is it only work on VPS?

Thank you

If your shared hosting meets the system requirements, you can use it.

You must have composer on your development machine but, once your website is ready, you can copy it to the public destination (AKA deploying) with FTP just fine. You will likely need to adapt some file (e.g. .env) and skip others (e.g. .git if you are using git) before uploading.

I don’t use shared hosting anymore, but this is what I did back then.

It is possible to install SilverStripe on a shared hosting account, as long as the hosting provider meets the system requirements for SilverStripe.

To install SilverStripe on a shared hosting account, you will need to follow the same basic steps as for a VPS installation. This includes uploading the SilverStripe files to your hosting account, creating a database, and running the installation script.

Here is a brief overview of the steps involved in installing SilverStripe on a shared hosting account:

Download the SilverStripe installer package from the SilverStripe website.
Extract the installer package and upload the files to your hosting account using FTP or a file manager provided by your hosting provider.
Create a MySQL database and user for SilverStripe.
Run the installation script by accessing the install.php file in your web browser (e.g.
Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Keep in mind that the specific steps for creating a database and uploading files may vary depending on your hosting provider. You may need to consult your hosting provider’s documentation or contact their support team for assistance.