Installing SS 4.2.1 on https Server fails to recognize https



I try to install SilverStripe 4.2.1 (it makes no difference if I use composer or download the archive and extract it) on a server that runs using https.

Everything looks fine, but when I open the site in the browser, it looks like css is not found, and the points to the http:// address of the site.

How do I explain SilverStripe that it is running using https? I tried editing the .env file and changed the SS_BASE_URL to https, but that didn’t change anything.

When I try to log in /admin, a “This form requires a POST submission” error is displayed.

I’m stuck here and don’t know how to go on from here.

Good evening (from Germany),

I have tried a bit and switched from https:// to http://, and everything works fine.

So it looks like SilverStripe doesn’t understand that it is running/should run under https://

What can I do to fix this?

Kind regards,