Is fluent a proper multi-language solution or a "hacky" workaround?


One of my top requirements in the process of evaluating SS is the ability to have a multi-language website. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature or official plugin for it in SS. Instead, a third-party plugin, Fluent, is available, which is fine, but I have two concerns:

  1. Is the plugin a hack or a legitimate solution?

  2. How “secure” is the plugin in terms of SS updates? I mean, will the plugin be updated every time SS is updated? What if something goes wrong during an SS update? How long does it take to update Fluent?

As you can see, these are issues I need to address before presenting SS to my boss. So I hope you see where I’m coming from.



Fluent is on the list of supported modules (SilverStripe Commercially Supported Module List » Silverstripe CMS) so definitely not a hack :wink:

The fact that it’s not bundled in the core code is quite common in the Silverstripe system. The idea is that you just pull in what you need. Fluent works very well, and will generally be compatible with the latest Silverstripe release. The modules all use Semver for releases, so compatibility management is a little easier too.

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Should I be worried?

Not worried, no. That’s the current status of the CI build for the module, not a reflection of the module state for stable releases. If you follow that link, you can see what is causing the build to currently fail, along with all the commit history, etc. Since it’s all open-source, you get full transparency of what’s going on.

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